We follow kitchen design standards

We care most for three important aspects in kitchen design 

Short Distances

Frequently, the movement is a lot between Storage, Cooking and Cleaning activity areas. The lesser the perimeter of the triangle the shorter the distance you travel while in kitchen activities

Ergonomic Sense

We understand your efficiency in the kitchen. Placing the right thing at the right place guarantees good health. It includes a personally tailored worktop height, clever use of storage spaces, practical interior organization for wall and base units.

Everything in its place

We keep the important things where they're needed. Use our intelligent organizational solutions for drawers and extensions. This way, you can store your provisions and utensils efficiently and conveniently.

Five Functional Areas in Kitchen

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Food Storage
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Food Preparation
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Container Storage
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Cleaning Agents & Waste
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Dishes & Cutlery

Hettich Kitchen Design Layout

According to 5 functional areas

We understand your kitchen needs!

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